We are on the way to an ecologically better future and are very pleased to be able to make a very special announcement today

HSP Hanse Shopping GmbH - Our company is climate neutral!

Climate protection is coming more and more into focus, whether in everyday life, in business or even in politics. Creativity and courage are in demand. Climate protection requires rethinking and this is best done step by step and year by year. As a trading company, we are setting a good example and leaving a climate-neutral footprint with immediate effect.

Climate-neutral company means that we have recorded and calculated our emissions together with the company Climate Partner. All sources of emissions that we cause as a company were taken into account. Whether business travel, heating and energy consumption, office materials or the way to work. We are committed to making an important contribution to climate protection.

By supporting a large number of international climate protection projects, we are continuously reducing our CO2 emissions and offsetting unavoidable emissions, thus making our contribution to achieving global sustainability goals.  For example, we are currently supporting the "Ocean Protection" project of the Plastic Bank - Worldwide. Healthy oceans are important for stabilizing the climate. By offsetting one ton of CO2, 10 kg of plastic are collected. This corresponds to approximately 500 plastic bottles. In this way, the project conserves marine life and improves the lives of local people.

With ClimatePartner, the leading solution provider for companies in climate protection, we have a strong partner at our side in the implementation of climate-neutral products.