Your partner for non-food products

Trend-conscious quality, short development and delivery times, modern marketing: This is what you expect from your trading partner for non-food products?

Then welcome to HSP Hanse Shopping!

With more than 30 years of experience, lean administrative structures and our worldwide network of scouts and producers, you will increase your customers' desire to buy. Get your hands on the most promising new products.


High Speed Products

Always be one step ahead of your competitors:

We develop, produce and deliver high-quality non-food products at express speed.

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Genuine feelings of life instead of dry product descriptions:

With the right story, you can exploit all sales potentials. We tell them.

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Smart Brands

Similarly inexpensive as private labels - but much more lucrative:

With our Smart Brands you can achieve sales-promoting emotions and higher margins.

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Special Products

Your desired product does not yet exist on the market?
We invent it.

Use our creative energy to open up new product worlds
- time and cost efficient.

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Our production process

Our production process

Product variety

You have the wish, we have the products! From our vast stock you can easily put together your perfect assortment.


Packaging concept

The first impression counts: We develop packaging with clear language and high recognition value - for your effective benefit communication.


Tests and quality

We thoroughly test every product for its marketability - from durability to safety and subjective factors.


Marketing concept

Whether emotional product names or vivid presentations at the point of sale: With us you get all the potential of modern marketing to promote your sales.


Shipping and logistics

Safe and on time: We cover all incoterms so that your freight reaches its destination as needed at all times.


We take your concerns personally

to fulfill your wishes 100 percent
- that is our goal.

That is why we always respond carefully to the ideas of our customers. No matter whether you need an unusual product, have an application question or want to offer constructive criticism: our team is there for you!

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