Smart Brands

Increase profit through creativity

Do you want non-food products that are as inexpensive to buy as private labels? And at the same time achieve significantly higher selling prices?
Then we have the solution for you: our Smart Brands.

A-brands are popular with customers, but achieve lower margins due to their expensive purchase price. Own brands, on the other hand, save on costs - and unfortunately also on customer enthusiasm. With our Smart Brands, you have found the perfect link: emotionally appealing, cost-efficiently produced.

This is how our concept works

With creative product names, packaging designs and presentations at the point of sale, our Smart Brands arouse positive emotions. This not only increases your sales figures, it also makes it easier for you to push through special prices to your customers. At the same time, we keep production costs low thanks to our lean administrative apparatus and short development times.


The result: significantly more attractive margins. Exploit all economic potential with our industry experience of over 30 years.


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